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Etege Menen Girls School
Alumni Association

We are the alumni of this precious school and know that our success in life is due in part, to the education we received at Etege Menen. Presently, although the school is publicly funded, not all the materials needed, including; fully stocked library, viable science laboratories and makers space are offered. The arts, home economics and physical education are also lacking. The purpose of our association is in part to fill the gap needed for a well-rounded quality education. We welcome any amount you donate to make this a reality and thank you for it.
If you join, as a voting member you will have a say in how we implement our gifts to the school. Use this button to make your tax deductible annual membership donation of $200. Thank you.
If you want to make a contribution but don't want to be involved with meetings, voting, and decision making, this button gives you the opportunity to give whatever amount you can spare. Also, you can make your donation recur monthly if you wish. Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you.